You’re a construction foreman. One of your carpenters is using a nail gun and accidentally injures himself. The wound is not life-threatening but could use some attention. The injury has to go on the books, and most likely insurance will get involved because the worker will need to go to the clinic or ER to be treated. This inevitably will cost the company as a whole and increase the number of recordables for the year.

What if there was a better way? Instead of the injured worker having to leave the job-site to receive care and add a recordable to the company’s record, a trained health and safety tech could come right to your workplace. On-Site Health & Safety is a California based company that will do just this. For over 20 years they have been helping companies with first-aid response, drug testing, respiratory fit testing, blood draws, and more. They will come to your worksite 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. The best part is that the injury your worker received stays a first-aid related incident and does not increase the company’s recordables.

All mobile techs are either trained nurses, LVN’s, EMTs, or have EMR training. Techs carry all their gear with them and are knowledgeable about the different types of client work environments that they have to navigate once on-site. They are versed in all safety procedures and protocols for each environment and can even help your company with safety training employees if need be.

1st aid response on-site is the company’s Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Diego arm. They can respond to all calls in the greater Los Angeles area. On-Site has been recognized time and time again by clients, and industry leaders as the state’s top provider of mobile health and safety care. The company is growing rapidly and has expanded to 8 other states since it first opened in the mid 90’s.

On-Site Health & Safety is definitely a company to watch and a benefit to all companies that have the potential for a workplace injury. For a full list and more information don’t forget to visit their website and give them a call today.


Healthy Eating At Work


Do you eat lunch at your desk every day? Are you eating out or bringing food to work with you? Are you eating with co-workers or alone? All these are questions you should be asking yourself before taking that first bite. Experts say that not only is sitting for too long not good for your health, but it makes you more sluggish and less motivated to get things done. Also, eating alone and not with co-workers can decrease morale and slow productivity overall. If eating a healthier lunch at work and increasing your productivity is what you’re after, check out this great article on what you can do to change your lunch habits and start being the healthy productive person you can be!

Lunch Article


Natural Lice Prevention and Treatment


lice services


Natural Head Lice Treatments and Services

Head lice are much more common than you would possibly believe. Though you might think so, they aren’t always an indicator of poor personal hygiene either. Read on for the top natural, herbal and traditional head lice removal treatments and you can get clear of pesky head lice for good. Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are miniature, nearly see-through insects that live on your scalp, where they suck your blood and cause itchiness and irritation. They lay eggs, known as nits, which are seen as tiny white specks close to the shaft of your hair. Female head lice may lay around 6 eggs a day, so an infested scalp might have up to 100 eggs or more on it. Head lice infestations are typical in youngsters as they propagate quickly in schools, particularly if youngsters are sharing combs or hats, hair accessories or have close head to head contact.


There are several over the counter insecticidal shampoos possible to buy which are suitable and provide successful treatments. These shampoos usually contain three common and proven active ingredients: Dimeticone which is more frequently known beneath the trade name “Hedrin“. Piperonyl butoxide solutions in shampoos, and phenothrin which can be found in sprays.

These chemicals are proven to work, but at what cost? As stated earlier, most lice cases are found in children. Is it really safe to introduce these toxic chemicals into their system? According to other sources, there are much safer and just as successful ways to treat lice outbreaks. Natural shampoos, spray deterrents, and oils are beings used to stop lice even before they spread. There is one company right now leading the pack when it comes to natural lice prevention and extermination.

Seek advice from lice services san ramon to learn more and find out how you can purchase the healthier choice when it comes to lice prevention. Don’t allow big pharma to poison our kids any longer!

Welcome to Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Welcome to Healthy Body Healthy Mind!

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